Life without a laptop

My laptop has been down and gone for about a week and a half. I have been working using my iPhone and iPad. But, there are just some things that I can’t accomplish using those devices. It’s been kind of nice! Here are a few positive side effects of not having a laptop. 1. Figured out some new apps on the iPad. It’s hard to do to finger typing for in-depth work on the iPad. I’ve been using some notes apps and writing apps that are very useful. Now I need a good organization App. 

 2. Visual planning. I got a big drawing pad and a bunch of colored sharpies and wrote out or drew my strategic plan for the year. I even uploaded this plan to our company website as a picture. No text.

 3. I picked up the phone! So easy in this day and age to just keep bouncing emails back-and-forth between people. But, that is less easy when you have to to finger type everything on the iPad. So, I have been picking up the phone and calling people to resolve issues or set up long-term plans. Definitely a change I will be keeping.
I will be getting my laptop back today. I am hoping to be more productive, and yet not forget the lessons of the great laptop drought of 2017.


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