No more New Year’s Resolutions. January Goals.

Resolutions are amorphous. They are feel good changes that are designed to last a full year and through that process, change the person for a lifetime. There is a reason these fall to pieces. They are too broad and too easy to break. This year I am focusing on monthly goals. For those goals that involve personal changes, I have worked with my wife. We have figured out our schedules for January and how we can schedule our goals to match our work and carpool duties. We are also going to sit down on the 28th to review how things went and what changes we need to make for February.

I am trying to make these SMART goals.


For instance, in my personal fitness I don’t just want to “work out”, my goal is to complete 29 of the #2018vday40 working in January and to make 5 of those outdoor rides for 200 miles. My goals are all overwhelmingly achievable, which is key. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Small victories. They are relevant to me being a better Me in 2018 and they are time limited because I am only focusing on January.

I won’t go into too many more specifics, but these are the areas where I have tried to make achievable goals for January.

  • Personal/Physical – using Twitter to keep track of my workouts #2018vday40. Also, given the temperature and a week out of town for meetings, I am shooting for 5 rides for a total of 200 miles in January.
  • Personal/Family – Setting aside time to do things that each person in the family enjoys. See the family forest that have been hidden behind the trees of housework, carpools, and homework. One specific is to spend 20 minutes each night in one of my older child’s room reading. Not to them, but next to them. They have lost their love of reading and I want to rekindle that in them as well as meeting my next goal.
  • Personal/Mental-Spiritual – Two parts. One is to read 26 books this year. Second, to continue teaching Sunday School in January. Reading and teaching/coaching make me happy and feel centered.
  • Work/Personal – Going to use 20% time and try not to turn it into 120% time to focus on learning our image analysis software, Celleste, in January.
  • Work/Customer – I have been creating Excel sheets of every system in my territory and I will aim to meet every available customer at the sites I visit for new sales activities. I want to make sure they are happy with the EVOS they have and that they know how to use it correctly.
  • Work/Sales – People are going to be buying things in January and I want to make sure they have a chance to see our offerings. I will be walking the halls to meet new faculty members and to promote our promotion on Varioskan LUX plate reader.

One reason I wanted to write this was to make myself accountable. I will check in and let myself/you know how things are going.


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