Rolling with the punches

I think two of the hardest lessons to internalize as a parent are to roll with the punches and to still get done what needs to be done. Perhaps the third is learning what actually NEEDS to be done and what we WANT to be done. I’m not sure that I have internalized any of these lessons, but as time goes by you either get better at them or you crack.

This morning I had my January Goals all mapped out and then life happened. See my tweet from early yesterday morning.

After this tweet another kid came downstairs still sick and was definitely not going to school. Oh, and we had a two hour delay because it was cold. Cold. So, while my plan was that after starting out my morning with a great workout, I was going to drive over Duke to see existing owners of our EVOS microscopes and to speak with several people interested in buying a system. By now though, half the morning was gone, my 1v1 call with my manager was moved from yesterday to today, I had two sick kids at home, and my wife had three video conferences calls today. So, I rolled with the punches and worked from home. I managed to work for several hours before anyone but sick kid 1 was awake, in-between warm drinks and comforting words. Then, after the other kids were gone I figured out who I needed to email at Duke and who I could go see in a couple days, then I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my trip to Nashville today. Oh, and took care of the sick kids and picked up the other kids from Afterschool.

Roll with the punches? Yeah, I think.

Get done what needs to be done? I think so, because..

What needed to be done versus what I wanted to be done? Yes. This is why I do what I do. My position has flexibility built in to take care of my kids when they need me and to be a partner with my wife. I took care of the kids most of the day today, but now I am on an airplane and she will have them all day tomorrow. What I NEEDED to do was get work done to find new business while still being a Dad. I accomplished that today.


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